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Art Corner

local artists and Art Events
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Community Learning Boat Building, Car Restoration, Woodworking fun. (<<-- click )

Civic Action

Local community action... (<<-- click here)

Domestic Violence - Jefferson County Information and Support Click here

Community Wisdom

Editor's Page

Editor's Page (<<-- click here)

Energy and Conservation

Jefferson County - Energy Topics by experts in their field of solar, oil, and alternate potential fuels.

Energy Luncheon Presentations << click here

Energy Projects - Reports << click here View a report on the status of current local projects - As of January 2015


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Friends & Neighbors (<<-- click here)

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Literary Corner

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Northwest Open Media

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Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities... (<<-- click here)

Port Jester

Of Limited Social Value ... (<<--click here)

To Your Health

Doctor Talk -- Dr. Rienstra, MD health information
Knee Health -- Dr. Alan Greenwald,MD
(future site of added features on Yoga, Eating Well, and Fun Exercise)

Veterans' Stories

Local Veterans' Stories (<<-- click on choice)

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