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Interesting People

These local folks provide our community with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Amazing lectures on the origins of the Universe. Erik Nelson is a highly qualified local Astrophysicist who recently gave a couple lectures about the beginnings of the Universe. Prepare to be amazed. Click here.
Clise Conversations - John interviews a local personality, Barbarba Bogart, about "sharing your home ( a B&B) for fun and income". click here.
This Donn Trethewey interview by John Clise brings out some of the little known aspects of an artist's life here in to Port Townsend. Be prepared for a chuckle or two. Click here.
John Clise shares with us some of his experience in running a business. Find out what it feels like to have a warehouse full of America's next must-have gadget. Click here.
-- Carl Nomura is interviewed about his new executive management book, Business Success with Less Stress. In this interview he tells of his career development that lead to his becoming one of the most productive and successful executive managers in America. Click here
-- Sam Parker discusses his service in the Peace Corps just after college in the '60s. Sam lives here in Port Townsend with his wife Jane and we asked him to share his experiences. Click here.
This Page will be expanding as more interviews are completed. Don't miss Community Wisdom for other great interviews.