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Karen Nelson asks community leaders, "Who has been the most inspiring person in your life?
John Austin

Jefferson County Commissioner

Kaci Cronkhite   

Managing Director, Northwest Maritime Center & Wooden Boat Foundation
Director, Wooden Boat Festival

Stan Cummings

Executive Director
Northwest Maritime Center & Wooden Boat Foundation

Sandy Hershelman

John shares with us the importance of early nurturing. Being the oldest child his mother taught him how this imparted a responsibility towards helping and protecting his siblings. John shares with us how he has been able to extend this learning to the rest of his life.
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Kaci was born in Oklahoma which is  just about as far from the ocean as you can get in these United States.  Ever the outdoors type she fit right in once she finally got on the water later in life and first sailed from Port Townsend.  That first adventure led to gaining  further experience and then she was off training women to circumnavigate around the world. This experience along with a business degree coupled with advanced degrees in Social Sciences and Cultural Studies round out her talents to manage the mammoth task of successfully attracting a great display of wooden boats at the yearly Wooden Boat Festival.
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Stan originally came from New England where the sea wind told of his boating ancestry. Beginning as a school teacher he commands over 30 years of maritime education experience, most recently as the CEO of The Ocean Institute in Dana Pointe, California.
His objective has been to develop hands-on exhibits, K - 12 curriculum, and teacher curriculum, that offer programs of an enduring nature.  He received a Ph.D.  from Stanford in Science Curriculum & Teacher Education.
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Sandy is an accomplished writer, photographer and communications specialist who has pulled herself up by her own bootstraps while raising  and supporting two children.  The Port Townsend Chamber of Commerce voted  Sandy 2008 Business Leader of the Year.  Clearly a self starter, she brings her unflappable enthusiasm  and energy to  many different organizations, including United Good Neighbors, the Housing Action Plan Network and the Washington Coalition for Open Government.  For the past seven years she has served as  executive officer of the Jefferson County Home Builders Association.  Two years ago she founded the annual JeffCo Home Builders Show.  Sandy is especially interested in projects that help victims of domestic violence and others who are in need of a leg up in life.
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Chris Macklin

Carol McGough

Jim Maupin  

Homer Smith Insurance, Inc
& Boat Surveyor

Kris Nelson
Chris has been guiding, counseling and mentoring kids of all ages for over 20 years.  Karen Nelson first met him  during the mid-eighties when he was her daughters’ all time favorite counselor at the Boys and Girls Club in Newport Beach, California.  Twenty years later Karen and Chris had a Port Townsend moment  when they met at the community center across from Aldrich’s and realized that Chris was now mentoring Karen’s two grandsons.  He shares with us those who inspired him..
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Kris Nelson noted in her interview (see below) that Carol McGough has been a mentor and inspiration to Kris. Carol owns the James House, one of the premiere bed and breakfasts in Washington state and a gem in Port Townsend. She strengthens the collective heart of our community by contributing her business experience and work ethic to numerous nonprofit organizations.  (The James House  1238 Washington st.  360 385 1238)

Jim Maupin is known to many for being community minded but, he also has experience in the apprehension of at least one local pirate. He shares with us some of his wanderings on the path of life and who it was that made such a difference to him.

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Kris Nelson owns Sirens Pub, one of the best gathering spots in Port Townsend.  She volunteers her vibrant energy and  leadership skills to the  Port Townsend  Planning Commission,  Chamber of Commerce and Sunrise Rotary   as well as a roster of other local organizations.  Kris is a home grown Port Townsend phenomenon who  shares with us her guiding principals.

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