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Frank D'Amore

Frank D'Amore has been an important part of the fibre of this Port Townsend community for many many years. He had a passion for compassion. He was always involved in some form of community service as he pursued various career paths. Bread making at Pane D'Amore was but his latest.

Peninsula Daily News article

PORT TOWNSEND -- Those seeking civility and thoughtfulness in the political voice of America are brewing up the coffee party, an alternative for those who are finding the tea party too divisive and, well, not really their cup of tea.

Frank D'Amore, known more for his Pan D'Amore breads than coffee, has joined political activist Pat Porter to start up a Port Townsend chapter of the Coffee Party USA, which began as a movement on the Internet social site Facebook a month ago and now has nearly 200,000 followers.

They are organizing the local chapter, acting as coordinators and facilitators to begin the discussion.

"This is about as homespun as you can be," D'Amore said. "I think it's going to take off."

The new national group is made up of nonpartisans who say they want cooperation and common solutions in the federal government and doing so with respect for everyone's opinion and tolerance for the differences of others.

Cooperation in government -- which is not the enemy of the people -- and positive solutions are the bottom line of this organization, they say.

"Act like your mama raised you right!" states the coffee party's "Ground Rules for Common Ground."

"We are here as a community to advance the common good."

Complainers, debaters, close-minded people and disruptive types need not apply, the coffee party's ground rules further state.
Join us for an interview by John Clise as Frank tells us about his Port Townsend experience. Click on video to view.