Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a pervasive threat to many families and to our community's social fabric.  People who experience domestic violence suffer similar conditions as those experienced by hostages who are held by terrorists.  Victims need a support network to help them extricate themselves and their children from a dangerous and abusive environment.  Fortunately, there is help available for Jefferson County Residents through a 24 hour hotline at 360- 385-5291 and

This series of four programs produced by Northwest Open Media outlines the steps  victims can take to find a safe harbor.  

-- The first episode, "Domestic Violence in Jefferson County", is  a conversation with Cheryl Bozarth, the former Executive Director of the Jefferson County Domestic Violence/ Sexual assault program, who provides an overview of the warning signs and issues common to the syndrome.  Recently, Cheryl, with the help of our community, was able to raise funding from local private and government sources,  to build the Dove House, a sanctuary for victims of domestic violence who can now start rebuilding their lives in a nurturing setting. 

-- The second episode, a conversation with Jefferson County Prosecutor, Juelie Dalzell, provides a roadmap for victims to obtain help in the form of a protective order from the Court without the expense of hiring an attorney. 

-- The third episode is a conversation with Police Chief, Conner Daily and former JEFFCO County Sheriff, Mike Brasfield on this topic.

-- The fourth episode provides a glimpse of one local woman's journey from domestic violence to full recovery.  

For more information relating to domestic violence issues, please contact (provide link), or call 360 385-5291.  You are not alone and there is a way out.
Domestic Violence in Jefferson County -- Guest: Cheryl A. Bozarth
Domestic Violence -- Protection Order -- Guest: Julie Dalzell, JEFFCO Prosecuting Attorney
Domestic Violence -- Guest Host: Cheryl A. Bozarth, JEFFCO Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program

Interview with: Port Townsend Police Chief, Conner Daily and
JEFFCO Sheriff, Mike Brasfield
Domestic Violence -- Surviving Violence -- Guest: Delle Craig, M.A./A.B.S.