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The history of just about everything: From the Big Bang to Now….

Two Presentations

We present two recent presentations of Erik's on this subject. The first was give At the request of the Cape George Learning Seminars and the second was an earlier presentation at the Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

They both cover much of the same material but with a bit of a different perspective.

The first that we present here is more heavily weighted towards the geology and early biology. The second is more of an overview of the whole process.

Erik Nelson has a love for exploring how all the universe has come about. This quest is hardly unique since almost from the beginning of human history man has ponder the very basis of creation.

Using the latest scientific information Erik has brought together a riveting presentation of how all this works together. In order for this to be of interest to the more common man, Erik has been able to give us a picture of the flow of the evolution process in terms we all can understand, not an easy task to say the least. Join me in the amazing adventure as he describes the happenings from the very beginning to now.

Academic Excellence:

Golden Plate Award (1995)
National Merit Scholar (1995)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

B.A. Physics

'A' average GPA
Tau Beta Phi Honor Society
Dean's List
High Distinction
Harold & Ruth Hayward scholarship (1998-1999)

University of California San Diago (transferred from UIUC)

M.A. Physics (Computational Cosmology)

'A' average GPA
--------------------- Erik's Introduction to Video Presentation -----------------------

Cape George Learning Seminars Presentation

How did the earth get created?
Very early earth.
Now the exciting story of the early biological developments
We're now to the point of "stuff" which we are more likely to recognize

Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Presentation

Video 1 The Beginning ...
Video 2 Oxygen is now available on Earth
Emergence of the Ice World
Organisms become more complicated
Protozeroic Eon