Come meet one of our most interesting Community members, Carl Nomura

Accomplishments are always the fodder for a good story and Carl, who is a very quiet mannered person, turns out to be high on that list. His work has changed our daily lives, as I describe in an example in a moment. Carl and I got together to discuss his new book, Business Success with Less Stress. (See interview videos below)

But, his accomplishments are not the first thing you know about Carl. In fact I knew him for some time before I had any idea of his accomplishments. But, I did know he was very involved in our community and very effective.

Dr. James Renier, President of Honeywell Inc., extolled the major contribution of Carl at the time of his retirement stating that Carl's crusade for developing solid state technology was of vital importance to the success of Honeywell Inc.

So, how does a well qualified research scientist (Ph.D. Physics) become a top executive at Honeywell Inc. ? That's what we wanted to know...
Let's look at one of his accomplishments that has affected us all.

Auto Ignition - Pre 1970 Cars

This is what an auto ignition system looked like for many, many years for all gasoline engine cars. It was very common for the "points and Condenser" to wear out say every 10,000 miles, which could only be replaced by your local mechanic. (Lower blue circle area) This is what Carl eliminated.
You needed one of these, regularly, your friendly local auto repair shop.

Local Auto Garage

You came here for a " Tune-Up" and that meant you had to take your car into the shop for the repair and a hefty bill, at least once a year on average.

Now the Tune-Up, which is much different, occurs many thousands of miles down the road. By eliminating the mechanical nature of this ignition function, cars can now use a computer chip to reduce emissions and improve gas millage in a way that simply wasn't possible with the old system.

Other inventions

-- Auto Focus as found on your digital camera
-- Night Vision Goggles for the military
-- Micro Chips for your computer
Read Carl's life story, Sleeping on Potatoes. Click here for more information.
The Beginning...
From a very modest childhood Carl chose a path of higher education and intellectual accomplishment.
Carl discusses how he came to write his Executive Management book Business Success with Less Stress. (44 min)