Remember President Kennedy, the Beatles and the Peace Corps? Meet Sam Parker, Peace Corps Volunteer.

It was early in the 60's and President Kennedy wanted to start his world outreach program called the Peace Corps. This program would be made up of young men and women who had volunteered to go almost anywhere in the third-world countries for a two year term of service.

What was it like to be one of those volunteers? And, now after so many years, what are the memories of someone who had this life-changing experience?

Meet Sam Parker who lives here in Port Townsend with his wife, Jane. Join us as he tells of his initial idealism that was soon replaced by his simple needs for day to day sustenance.

In the video below, Sam tells us how he learned about developing a farmer credit program in an outlying African village. He also needed to be able to train oxen to pull a plow.
A Son's letter to his parents tells of his new adventure as it unfolds and is brought to life in this video.
Snapshots from Sam's Tour of Niger. Click to view (11min)
Interview with Sam Parker. Click to view (27 min)

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