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June 2017

County, Business, and Residential Extraction of Energy from Local Waste Streams

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Philipp Schmidt-Pathmann, Managing Partner, Neomer Resources LLC, Seattle WA

May 2017

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Local Renewable Energy Assets, Energy Planning, and the Comprehensive Plan

David Van Holde, P.E., Senior Energy Systems Engineer, WSU Energy Program, Olympia WA

April 2017

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Vehicle Electrification: Maintenance, Jobs, Building Energy, Self-Driving Cars

Dr. Mark L. Quarto, Chief Technology Officer, FutureTech Auto, LLC, Port Angeles WA

March 2017

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First Local Green Fuel Use Can Be in New Low-Cost 26 kW Gensets

Key Speaker: Victor E. Cordell, Vice President, Business Development, HEC/TINA, Greeneville TN

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February 2017

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Carsharing in Jefferson County Using District EVs - A Local Energy Opportunity 

LEO Presenter and Public Discussion Facilitator: Perry Spring, Energy Systems and EfficiencyProfessional

January 2017

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Assessing Local Energy Values: The Bainbridge Public Power Campaign

Jane Lindley and Steve Johnson, Co-Founders, Island Power, Bainbridge WA

December 2016

Benefits to Public Power from Local Transportation Electrification 

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JJ McCoy, Senior Policy Associate, NW Energy Coalition, Seattle WA

November 2016

Solarizing Jefferson County: How a Nearby Manufacturer Can Help

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Jesse Wear, Regional Sales Manager, Itek Energy, Bellingham WA

October 2016

Developing Community-Based Renewable Energy in Jefferson County

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Dick Wanderscheid, Vice President, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Portland OR

Sept 2016

Road Map to 100% Renewable Energy in Jefferson County

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Dr. Dustin McLarty, WSU Clean Energy Systems Integration Lab,Pullman, WA

August 2016

Public Power Operations in Jefferson County: A Special Forum

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Barney Burke, Jeff Randall, Candidates for PUD Commissioner, Jefferson County WA

July 2016

ReThinking Public Power: Microgrids and District Energy Development

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Michael Burr, Director, Microgrid Institute, Little Falls MN

June 2016

Systems Science Use in New Energy Planning for Jefferson County

Professor George Mobus, University of Washington, Tacoma WA

May 2016

Pathway to Carbon-Free Fuels: Electrolysis 

Geoffrey Budd, North American Representative, ITM Power, Sheffield UK

April 2016

Financing Energy Transition: State Resources for Local Projects

Juliana Williams, Senior Sustainable Energy Analyst, Washington State Housing Finance Commission, Seattle WA

March 2016

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Profitable Harvesting of Biomass from Aquatic Dead Zones 

Jay Miller speaking for inventor Bill Becker
, The DUZER Project, Seattle WA

February 2016

Replacing Fossil Energy on Iowa Farm

Jay Schmuecker, Manager, Pinehurst Farm LLC, Blairstown IA

December 2015

Ammonia Neighborhood Energy Stations:

Opportunities, Markets, Issues" 

Dr. Steve Wittrig
, Senior Advisor, Advanced Energy Systems , Clean Air Task Force, Boston MA

November 2015
District Heating: Developing Thermal Energy Systems in Jefferson County" 

Eric Moe, Senior Developer, University Mechanical Contractors, Inc., Mukilteo WA

October 2015
Local Energy Plans: Electricity, Heat, Transport, Food, and Water

Dave Sjoding, CHP/Renewable Energy Specialist, WSU Energy Program, Olympia WA

September 2015

Understanding Local Energy Project Development and Financing

Kevin Maas, Owner, Glacier Energy Inc., Mount Vernon WA

August 2015

The Energiewende Message from Germany:
Local Prosperity

Günter Mögele , Deputy Mayor, Wildpoldsried, Germany

July 2015

Developing the Energy Sector of the Jefferson County Economy 

Brian Young, Governor's Clean Technology Sector Lead, Seattle

June 2015

Developing Electric Propulsion Systems for Jefferson County

Alex Wilken, Family Owner, Seattle Boat Works, LLC, Seattle tells of of the progress and effective use of electric boats.

May 2015

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Options
for Jefferson County

"New electric vehicle (EV) energy technology..."
Dan O’Shea, Sales Director, NW North America, ChargePoint, Inc., Campbell CA

APRIL 2015

New Developments in Hydrogen Fuels
“A Hydrogen Economy for Washington State and Jefferson County”
Dr. Jacob Leachman, Assistant Professor, Washington State University [Pullman WA]

MARCH 2015

EV Ownership, Charging Infrastructure, and Use
“Status of Local EV Development Activity Across Washington State”
Tonia Buell, Interim Director of Public/Private Partnerships, State Department of Transportation [Olympia WA]


Local Waste-to-Energy with Biodigesters
“Keys to Successful Biodigester Operations in Snohomish County”
Daryl Williams of Tulalip Tribes, Director of Qualco Energy [Monroe WA]


Conserving Energy with LEDs
“Light-Emitting Diodes [LEDs]: New Factor in Energy Conservation”
Phil Lusk, Deputy Director of Power and Telecommunications Systems, City of Port Angeles [Port Angeles WA]


Local Banking and Local Energy
“Advantages of a State-Chartered Bank in Local Energy Development”
Senator Bob Hasegawa, Washington State Legislature [O;ympia WA]


New Approaches to Nuclear Energy
“Why New Nuclear Energy Should Be In Our Energy Future”
Dr. James Conca, Senior Scientist, UFA Ventures [Richland WA]


Official DisInformation on 9/11 and Energy
9/11Disinformation on WTC Towers’ Destruction Urges More Local Energy Action
Richard Gage, Founder Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth [Berkeley CA]


Promoting and Managing Sustainability
Achieving Sustainability in a County of 800,000 People
Ryan Dicks, Sustainability Manager, Pierce County [Tacoma]


Bulk Power Buying and Selling in Load Balancing
BPA: Wholesale Purchase and Sale of Electric Power
Mark Miller, Bonneville Power Administration [Portland]

JULY 2014

Global Oil Limits and the Climate Precipice
The Inadequacy of Global Hydrocarbon Energy Supplies
Dahr Jamail, Truthout and Al Jazeera [Doha, Qatar]

JUNE 2014

Meshnet Connectivity to High Speed NoaNet
The Meshnet Option: County Energy and Information Utilities
CANCELLED Dan Ryan, Seattle Meshnet Project (Seattle) CANCELLED

MAY 2014

Energy Picture at Clallam Transit
Powering Public Transportation on the North Olympic Peninsula
Wendy Clark-Getzin, P.E. and Kevin Gallacci, Clallam Transit System [Port Angeles]

APRIL 2014

Wind Farm and Energy Project Financing
“Financing Renewable Energy Projects and Technology”
Paul Manson, Sea Breeze Power Corp. [Vancouver BC]

MARCH 2014

Projecting Energy, Climate and Technology Futures
Our Vital Energy Rates: Production, Use, Conversion, Emissions
Kurt Cobb, Author, Speaker, Columnist [Portland]


Energy Recovery from Waste and Zero Landfill
Ecologic and Economic Opportunities in Local Waste and Biomass
Phillipp Schmidt-Pathmann, International Consultant [Seattle]


Battery Technology for Energy Storage
Current State of the Art in Battery Energy Storage Technology
Virgil Beaston, Powin Energy [Tualatin OR]


Electricity and Ammonia Fuel as Primary Local Utilities
“Primary Local Energy Forms in 2025: Electricity and the Other Hydrogen”
Stephen Crolius, Alliance Consulting Group [Boston]


Peak Oil and Local Energy Action
Local Innovation and Investment: Adapting to a New Energy Reality
Jan Lars Mueller, Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas - USA [Washington DC]


New NoaNet Operations and Electric Grid Security
“Energy Security in a Digital Age”
Mike Henson, CISSP, Northwest Open Access Network [Bremerton]


Gas Turbine Operations with Ammonia Fuels
Using Local Green Energy and Ammonia to Power Gas Turbine Generators
Brian Evans, Ph.D, Space Propulsion Group, [Sunnyvale CA]


Washington State Green Energy Development Plans
Jefferson County Energy Action Projects and State-Wide Energy Plans
Richard C. Locke, Washington State Office of Economic Development [Seattle]

JULY 2013

Local Opportunities in Electric Vehicles
“Building Local EV Use and Tourism: Challenges, Solutions, Opportunities”
Tom Saxton, Plug-In America [San Francisco]

JUNE 2013
Economic Development of the Local “Energy Sector”
“Development of the Hanford Site and Our Nuclear Energy Future”
Gary Petersen, Tri-City Development Council [Kennewick WA]

MAY 2013

High Temperature Pyrolysis for Local Fuel Production
“Local Energy Storage by Producing Biofuels and Biochar Using Pyrolysis”
John Miedema, Biological Carbon, LLC [Philomath OR]

APRIL 2013

Installation of 150 kW Solar Array at Greenbank Farm
“Committing to Local Solar Energy Collection on Farmland”
John Hastings, Island Community Solar • Jim Patton, Port of [Coupeville]

MARCH 2013

Cost of Converting to Propane in Transportation
"Propane Autogas as an Alternative Transportation Fuel"
Brad Beauchamp, ROUSH CleanTech (Livonia MI]


Report on Upcoming Public Operation of Local Electric Grid
“Launching Jefferson County’s New Public Power Utility”
Barney Burke, Public Utility District • Doug Gantenbein, Puget Sound Energy


Role of Energy in the Operation of Local Farms
“Farm Energy Systems: Machinery, Fertilizer, Transport, Generation”
Norm Olson, Director, Iowa Energy Center of Iowa State University (Ames IA)


Status of Leading City/County Energy Activities
“Reporting on Local New Energy Projects”
Eileen V. Quigley, Director, New Energy Cities Program, Climate Solutions (Seattle)


Moving to Renewable Energy Supplies
“Reconciling Baseload Power Generation with Renewables”
Ted Beatty, Vice President, Energy/Business Services, Energy Northwest (Richland WA)


State Energy Legislation
“Update on Initiative 937 and the Washington Energy Independence Act”
Rep. Steve Tharinger, State Legislator, Vice-Chairman of Environment Committee (Sequim)


Washington State Ferries Diesel Fuel Use
“Transportation Fuel Options: Diesel Fuel Future on Puget Sound”
Vince Crane, Fuel Conservation Program, Washington State Ferries (Seattle)


Small Wind Systems
“Wind Electricity — Fantasy & Reality”
Ian Woofenden, Author, Wind Power for Dummies (Guemes Island WA)

JULY 2012

County Energy Efficiency Projects
“Thurston Energy: Lessons in Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency”
Graeme Sackrison, Board Chair, Thurston Climate Action Team (Lacey WA)

JUNE 2012

County Wind Energy Development
“Assessing and Developing Wind Energy in Jefferson County”
Terry Meyer, P.E, Cascade Community Wind Project (Bellingham)

MAY 2012

Local Solar Energy Development
“Fundamental Strengths of Solar Energy for Local Development”
Justin Davis, Team Member, Grow Community Project, (Bainbridge Island)

APRIL 2012

Transition to Non-Carbon Fuels
“Making a Local Transition to Non-Carbon Fuels”
Dr. John H. Holbrook, CEO, NHThree LLC. (Richland WA)

MARCH 2012

Washington State Energy Strategy
“How Washington State Influences Jefferson County Energy Projects”
Tim Stearns, State Energy Office, Washington Department of Commerce (Seattle)

21st Century Mosquito Fleet
“A New 21st Century Mosquito Fleet for Puget Sound Ports”
Pete DeBoer, Commissioner, Port of Kingston (Kingston)


Electric Use Dashboard
“Real Time Monitoring of Electric Energy Supply and Use”
Eric Rehm, Participant, Island Energy Dashboard Project (Bainbridge Island)


Electric Utility Co-Operative
“Lessons from a Seventy-Three-Year-Old Energy Co-op”
Randy Cornelius, General Manager, Orcas Power and Light Cooperative (San Juan County)


Energy and Climate
“Setting Proper Local Action Priorities for Energy and Climate”
Dr. James Murray, Professor, University of Washington, School of Oceanography (Seattle)

JULY 2011
Building Energy Systems
“Energy Systems for Commercial Buildings”
Paul Cronauer, Owner, The Landing Mall (Port Angeles)

JUNE 2011

Ammonia Fuels
“Planning for a Transition to Green Ammonia Fuels in Jefferson County”
Ted Hollinger, Founder, Hydrogen Engine Center (Algona, Iowa)

MAY 2011

Ocean Energy
“Ocean Energy - A Promising New Renewable Energy Source for Coastal Areas”
Dr. Andrea Copping, Researcher, PNNL Marine Sciences Laboratory (Seattle)

APRIL 2011

Future of Solar Energy
“The Solar Energy Future has arrived in Washington State: Where do we go now?”
Gary Shaver, President, Silicon Energy, LLC (Ellenville WA)

Local Energy Project Grants
“Local Energy Projects in Renewables, Green Tags and Climate”
Angus Duncan, President, Bonneville Environmental Foundation (Portland)


Peak Oil
“Peak Oil: Challenges, Options, Opportunities”
Jim Hansen, Ravenna Capital and ASPO USA (Seattle)


Storing Excess Hydropower
“Bringing Ammonia Power Hubs to Jefferson County”
Jack Robertson, Northwest Hydrogen Alliance (Potland)


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