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Luncheon Sponsors

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2013 sponsors include (L to R) Robert Yourish of Sunshine Propane, Larry Crockett of the Port of Port Townsend, Andy Cochrane of Power Trip Energy Corp., and Leticia Huber of Huber's Inn. Not pictured: Alaska Power & Telephone Co, Frederickrson Electric

------------------------- Energy Lunch - Presentations ---------------------------

Farm Energy Systems: Machinery, Fertilizer, Transport, Generation

Key Speaker: Norm Olson, Director, Iowa Energy Center, Iowa State University, Ames IA

In his presentation, Mr. Olson addresses both energy systems that are used in farm operations and the opportunities for farm-based generation of new renewable energy supplies.
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Reporting on Local New Energy Projects

Key Speaker , Eileen Quigley, heads a reporting staff at the New Energy Cities Program that regularly reads more than a dozen new energy blogs each week and then summarizes key action projects and plans from communities around the Northwest and elsewhere in a "weekly wrap" that is posted on her Program web site:


The New Energy Cities Program is part of Climate Solutions, a high-impact nonprofit working in the field of climate change.
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Reconciling Baseload Power Generation with Renewables

Key Speaker: Ted Beatty,Vice President, Energy/Business Services, Energy Northwest, Richland  WA

Mr. Beatty discusses the key role played by Energy Northwest in planning how an increasing amount of electricity produced by new intermittent (not always on) generation from renewable solar and wind energy can be delivered together with electricity produced by existing baseload (always on) generation from energy in fossil fuels and in nuclear fuel.
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Update on Initiative 937 and the Washington Energy Independence Act

Key Speaker Representative Steve Tharinger of Sequim, Vice-Chairman of the Environment Committee of the Washington State Legislature that has jurisdiction over the administration of - and amendment to - the Washington Energy Independence Act that resulted from Initiative 937.
Representative Tharinger discusses the basic components of the Washington Energy Independence Act and how the terms of the Act impact renewable energy investments in Jefferson County
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Transportation Fuel Options - Diesel Fuel Future on Puget Sound

Key Speaker: Vince Crane, Fuel Conservation Program, Washington State Ferries
, Seattle WA

In his presentation, Mr. Crane will discuss WSF diesel fuel operations - all vessels are currently powered by diesel engines - and will describe his on-going Fuel Conservation Program.
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Wind Electricity - Fantasy & Reality

Key Speaker: Ian Woofenden, Author
- Power from the Wind / Wind Power for Dummies, Guemes Island WA

In his presentation, Mr. Woofenden will separate myth from reality in the residential wind electricity industry, using examples from small wind collection projects funded by homeowners, farms and small businesses. He will explain the physics of wind energy and how home-scale wind power can provide a reasonable rate of financial return while using locally available, on-site energy.
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Thurston Energy: Lessons in Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency

Key Speaker: Graeme Sackrison
Board Chair, Thurston Climate Action Team (TCAT), Lacey WA

Action to increase building energy efficiency in residences and commercial structures has become quite organized in Thurston County. The Thurston Energy organization has been creating a continuing series of different energy efficiency projects that are routinely planned, justified and financed.
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Assessing and Developing Wind Energy in Jefferson County

Key Speaker: Terry Meyer, P.E., Principal, Cascade Community Wind Project, Bellingham WA
Terry has personal experience with many wind assessment projects in Whatcom County and has successfully sited and installed the resulting homeowner-financed and locally-built community wind turbines.
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Pete DeBoer
Commissioner of the Port of Kingston

A New 21st Century Mosquito Fleet for Puget Sound Ports
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