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Luncheon Sponsors

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2013 sponsors include (L to R) Robert Yourish of Sunshine Propane, Larry Crockett of the Port of Port Townsend, Andy Cochrane of Power Trip Energy Corp., and Leticia Huber of Huber's Inn. Not pictured: Alaska Power & Telephone Co, Frederickrson Electric

------------------------- Energy Lunch - Presentations ---------------------------

Energy Security in a Digital Age

Key Speaker: Mike Henson, CISSP, Chief Security Officer, NoaNet (Northwest Open Access Network), Bremerton
Using Local Green Energy and Ammonia to Power Gas Turbine Generators "

Key Speaker: Brian Evans, Ph.D., Project Manager and Development Engineer, Space Propulsion Group, Inc., Sunnyvale CA

Jefferson County Energy Action Projects and State-Wide Energy Plans
Key Speaker: Richard C. Locke, Executive Director, Washington State Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness

Mr. Locke highlights the key elements of the present state energy activity and comment on specific Jefferson County energy operations, programs and projects. 
Building Local EV Use and Tourism: Challenges, Solutions, Opportunities
Key Speaker: Tom Saxton, Chief Science Officer, Plug-In America

Tom Saxton, is an Owner and user of EVs for many years, Mr. Saxton drove to Port Townsend along with his wife in his Tesla roadster which will be parked and recharged at the Port Townsend Community Center during his presentation.
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Development of the Hanford Site and Our Nuclear Energy Future...
Key Speaker: Gary Petersen, Vice President of Hanford Programs at TRIDEC, the organization in charge of economic development for the Benton County cities of Richland, Kennewick and Pasco. Development of the 586 square mile Hanford site includes operation of the Columbia Nuclear reactor and developing renewable energy resources as well as cleaning up nuclear waste on a small portion of the site. Mr. Petersen talks about major issues that will be the determining factors in the future use of nuclear energy.
Local Energy Storage By Producing Biofuels and Biochar with Pyrolysis

John Miedema, Pacific Northwest Biochar Initiative and Biological Carbon, LLC

John will explain the thermochemical decomposition of biomaterials under conditions of high heat in a low/no oxygen enclosure and will discuss how new pyrolytic techniques can be used here in Jefferson County (i) to produce biochar for farms and gardens, (ii) to store excess electric energy in biofuels, (iii) to reduce biomaterials and plastics in the county waste stream, and (iv) to sequester local carbon emissions.
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Committing to Local Solar Energy Collection on Farmland
Key Speakers: John Hastings, Island Community Solar, Whidbey Island and James M. Patton, Port of Coupeville, Whidbey Island

Together they will explain how they have successfully financed and installed photo-voltaic arrays that are now collecting a portion of the solar energy that arrives on one acre of farmland owned by the Port of Coupeville.
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Brad Beauchamp, Regional Manager for ROUSH CleanTech of Livonia, Michigan

Brad explains the use of propane autogas as a local transportation option and discuss successful ROUSH propane autogas systems already delivered throughout the U.S. in cooperation with local Ford dealerships such as Legacy Ford of Washington State.
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Barney Burke, Jefferson County Public Utility District 1 (PUD)
Doug Gantenbein, Puget Sound Energy (PSE)

Launching Jefferson County's New Public Power Utility

PUD and PSE personnel have been working very closely together to assure a smooth transition of electrical service on April 1st. Mr. Burke will present the PUD activity to date and what actions are coming prior to and after April 1st; Mr. Gantenbein will present related PSE activity
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