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Current Series

Community Planning around the Solar Energy Resource.

Exhibits of Sun Pods and Microinverters that are State of the art technology

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Key Speaker...

"Fundamental Strengths of Solar Energy for Local Development"
Justin Davis, Design and Development Team Member, Grow Community Project, Bainbridge WA

The May Energy Lunch Program features a discussion of an eight acre housing development on Bainbridge Island that was launched a year ago  with the use of green solar energy at the center of its plan.

When planning a community around solar the only real issue is how much solar energy is available and how will that energy be captured and used in the community plan.

Our Key Speaker, Mr. Justin Davis of the Grow Community Project brings us the details of this bold new project.

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Making a Local Transition to Non-Carbon Fuels

Dr. John H. Holbrook, CEO
NHThree LLC, Richland WA

The transition to non-carbon fuels described by Dr. Holbrook can result in the local production of these fuels from renewable energy supplied by county-based sun, wind, and water as well as by the seasonal excesses in regional hydropower/wind energy locally delivered by the Bonneville Power Administration.

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Washington State Energy Policy Information

Tim Stearns
Senior Energy Policy Specialist
State Energy Office
Innovation and Policy Priorities Division
Washington Department of Commerce

Tim speaks about the evolution of our Washington Energy Policy and future projects here in Washington State.

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Real Time Monitoring of Electric Energy Supplyand Use

Lessons from a 73 year-old Energy Cooperative - OPALCO

Building Energy Systems

Paul Cronauer, owner of The Landing Mall, speaks about the changes he is making in an effort to reduce energy dependence on the Grid. Click Here

Global Energy Discussion

Ammonia - Fuel

Solar Energy

Local Energy Projects

Marine Energy Generation

Peak Oil