Local 2020 Sustainability and Inspired Action

Sustainability. Are we making the best use of our resources? What is our future?

These are the questions that Crispin Hollinshead, a local videographer, who spent his career in marine science, asks Local 2020 volunteers.

There are two videos. The first discusses Sustainability, (27:36) and the second is Stories that Inspire Action (27:47).

Stories that Inspire Action...

Nancy Botta Port Townsend Videographer and More...

Here's an interesting and musically entertaining video with tunes by Dave Sheehan and a walk thru town with Nancy.

Nancy Botta Video Work...

Combine some lively music by Dave Sheehan (Moose Meat Music) with a tour around Port Townsend to enjoy our Northwest Wonderland...

Scroll down and click on video.

Peak Moments -- Living Green


Peak Moments is a Refreshing Website that brings us interesting clips of people from our area who are making an ecological  difference.

 Scroll down to check out some of the selected videos.

Water A Precious Resource -- Peak Moment

Electric Bicycle -- Peak Moments

A Cutting-Edge Architect's Eco-Friendly Home -- Peak Moments

Making Way for Bikes

How Much Food Can I Grow Around My House?

Street Time


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