Editor: I have found Dr. Rienstra to be the most thoughtful doctor I have every experienced. His answers to my questions are clearly drawn from a depth of carefully considered science and life's practical experience.

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To Your Health -- Dr. Douwe Rienstra, MD

Dr. Rienstra is one of Port Townsend's favorite doctors. He enjoys a broad following here after many years of caregiving. Join us as we explore his presentations on various topics that are important to our healthy well being.

The hallmark of his practice is the sharing of health information that may be helpful to you. These video's can help you understand some of the guidelines of developing a good healthy lifestyle.

Over the past several years Dr. Rienstra has produced short (30 min) videos that were originally shown on the local public television station as well as being available for loan from his office library. These are now published on this website for your convenience.

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Monroe Street Clinic
242 Monroe Street
360-385-5658 <<-- click to go to website and access his monthly newsletters which have been rated to be as valuable as an apple a day for your health. Don't miss the Facebook link on his site.

Video Presentations
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Fast, Fun Stir-Fry Cooking

Put a bit of zing in you day at mealtime.

Female Hormones

Video on the function of female hormones, their metabolism, and how this influences susceptibility to cancer.

Work Without Injuries

Here's a success story where a very practical exercise program can be incorporated into your daily routine.

Thyroid Controversies

Understanding the process of the thyroid and Dr Rienstra examines the range of therapies to be considered.

Cholesterol: The Inside Story

Cholesterol is often heard about but seldom understood.

Understanding Weight Gain

Overweight is not just being lazy. This video examines the process of weight gain and how to deal with it in our daily lives.

Food Choices for Healthy Weight Loss

So, What can I eat to lose or simply maintain my weight? How to help you lower: Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, or Cholesterol thru your diet.

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