Cholesterol: The Inside Story

Cholesterol is known and probably feared by most of us. Dr. Rienstra brings us the story of what it is and its role in a healthy body. This will help fill in the many gaps we have in our understanding of what it really means when we see our "cholesterol counts" as a result of a routine physical. (56 min)
Dear Viewer-
These videos date from 1999 or so.  Most of what I say here is
still true and relevant today, but as I look back at them now, I find minor errors and areas where we know somewhat more than we did back then.

After recording these with our local PTTV crew, one professional videographer told me that for $10,000 for a half-hour take, she could bring these up to commercial broadcast quality.  If you want to be our sponsor, call me!

In the meantime, look at these as background information, a resource to help you formulate questions for your doctor.

Douwe Rienstra, MD