Thyroid Controversies

This video takes us into the world of the thyroid and we can learn about how it works. Therapy approaches differ and Dr. Rienstra describes the mechanics of the thyroid in such a manner as to give us the basis for a proper treatment.
Dear Viewer-
These videos date from 1999 or so.  Most of what I say here is
still true and relevant today, but as I look back at them now, I find minor errors and areas where we know somewhat more than we did back then.

After recording these with our local PTTV crew, one professional videographer told me that for $10,000 for a half-hour take, she could bring these up to commercial broadcast quality.  If you want to be our sponsor, call me!

In the meantime, look at these as background information, a resource to help you formulate questions for your doctor.

Douwe Rienstra, MD