Sheila Bender, Poet, Essayist, Master Teacher

Sheila Bender is a local Port Townsend gem in the world of authors and teachers. Her writing courses are unusual because they are both fun and instructive. Below is a section offering some video clips which were taken during her class on "Writing It Slant: Getting to Your Real Subject By Thinking About Something Else" ( Writing It Real in Port Townsend Writers’ Conference, June, 2008).

As a writer and master teacher, Sheila Bender enjoys helping others read with a writer’s eye to find inspiration for dealing with their own material. In her June 2008 lecture, she uses work by well-known writers, past and present, to support the view that poets and writers evoke the truth with resonance when they come at things slant, as Emily Dickinson famously suggests. That always means trusting images and specifics.

Sheila Bender publishes Writing It Real, an online magazine for those who write from personal experience, at Her current popular book Writing and Publishing Personal Essays is out in a second addition. It explores eight rhetorical styles, each paired with a "write" question to guarantee new topics or new slants on old topics and help writers write to new insights and discovery. Her memoirA New Theology: Turning to Poetry in a Time of Grief is built from personal essays. Her newest book is Creative Writing Demystified, out now from McGraw-Hill.

For more information visit or call Sheila at (360) 385 7839.
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New Book
Sheila's new book is Creative Writing Demystified from McGraw-Hill. Visit her website, for more information.

Workshop Announcement
Sheila is teaching at The Writer's Workshoppe, 820 Water St. Port Townsend .

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Writing It Real in Port Townsend, WA Conference with Sheila Bender April 28-30

Notice: February 20

Deadline for early bird discount registration for the Writing It Real in Port Townsend Writer's Conference and also the deadline for entries in our essay and poetry contest.

Start your 2011 spring planning now and arrange to join us in Port Townsend from Thursday evening through Saturday night, April 28 to 30th. Email us at if you’d like us to hold a spot for you. More info.... <<< click here


Creative Writing Demystified:         with Sheila Bender     Saturday, Jan 22nd, 2011       10:00 am – 4:00 pm

----- Completed A great session. Look forward to Sheila's next Workshop.

Come and play with techniques of the craft that will have you writing rich and compelling flash fiction, sudden non fiction, prose poems, creative nonfiction and stories during out time together, all  while learning ways to evaluate your work for freshness and originality. Using  30 years of experience writing and teaching writing, Sheila Bender will help you understand the many ways to begin writing in various  genres and  how to use craft from one genre to enhance another. She'll help you answer craft questions  as well as learn where to send the work you are creating if you seek publication.


Video Clips

Video clips from, "Writing It Slant: Getting to Your Real Subject By Thinking About Something Else"
Class Sessions of Sheila's class.

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Session 2
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Session 4

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New Book Announcement

Sheila's recent book A New Theology is about her life experience in the tragic loss of her 25-year-old son .