What is Written

An  Inaugural Poem for Barack Obama

By Sandy Diamond  2009

You wrotein your actual handwriting(not typeface,

 not ether): Tell me your stories. Wrote it on real paper

 I held in my hand. The ts, sir, of your handwriting

 were all lassoed. Lassos mean, Of this Im sure.

 I give you my word. Its a promise. Each t tied to its h.

Connection. We are tied together, this is your hand.

 As it is written. Take my hand, yes we can.


Someone next to me at the theater-- (it was a drama)--

 someone who reads hands saw in the tv close-up

 the open palm of your hand. Saw your lifeline, that line

 in our hands. She said it was long & unbroken.

 Did you hear that? long and unbroken, the line of destiny

 in your hand. She said, Hes going to make it,

 you dont have to worry anymore. Its a promise.

 Were all going to the Promised Land,

 our country tis of thee.

 My sister said, Can you write an inaugural poem?

 “No way, sister,“  Never did an occasional before,

 dont know how. Im old, too old, I tell you, to learn

 something new. Old enough to remember

 President Roosevelt(thats Franklin, not Theodore).

On the other hand, weve lived to see this!

 Thats what the people cried about

 the brothers and sisters in that young-again night.

 You, Mr O, been saying all along: Yes you can.

 And what is an O but a circle holding hands?

 Connected. You are reaching out your blessed hand

 to America and all our hands reach out to you

 who are the lasso, the promise, the lifeline

 and the destiny. Thats my story.

 As it is written. Amen.



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