Port Townsend Pirouettes - "A Night at the Movies"

Port Townsend Pirouettes

The Port Townsend Pirouettes performed at the Pacific Northwest Blossom Invitational in Tukwila on June 6-7. The Age-Group Trio of Hannah Welch, Tanner
Matthew, and Kiera Matkins have also qualified for the National Competition
in Gainesville, Florida.

Synchronized swimming athletes combine the grace and choreography of
dance with the stamina and strength of a sport like cross country skiing.
"It's truly remarkable to see how focused and strong all these girls
are. We left the event with an appreciation for the sport and how
hard the kids work," said Port Townsend resident Patti Reynolds after
attending the local showcase last year.

Here's a video clip from the May 30th presentation at the Mountain View Pool. (4:16)

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