Wooden Boat Festival 2009

The Wooden Boat Festival is THE event of the year for Port Townsend. That is really saying something when you consider the other regular events such as the Film Festival and all the things happening out at Centrium. OK, so some of us are boat-nuts and may be biased.

This year was even better with the opening of the Northwest Maritime Center to highlight the fine art of wooden boat building and restoration.

Click on the video below to catch some of the event.

Scroll down for a video on the Opening of the Northwest Maritime Center.

Northwest Maritime Center Opening - 2009

The new Northwest Maritime Center is a great addition to the Peninsula and Port Townsend. The facility opened in time for the annual Wooden Boat Festival held each year in Port Townsend, WA.

Good job Kaci Cronkhite and Stan Cummings along with all the many donors and volunteers that made this possible.

32nd Annual Wooden Boat Festival 2008

As summer gives way to Fall we look forward to the annual Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. There's a bit of boat-lover in all of us and a Wooden Boat tweeks this desire all the more.

It probably is true that if early man had first discovered the fiberglass process we might never have had any wooden boats. Wooden boats are a demanding mistress, but the romance of the sea can only be fully experienced by sailing a wooden boat.
Wood which has been lovingly crafted by hands trained for years in the art of planning, carving, forming and fitting and then followed by applying the mellow shine of a well rubbed varnish. Work like this is often done on those less than perfect days.

If you love seeing the beauty of the wood come to life with its depth of color by your elbow-grease varnishing, then rejoice because you will again get a chance to do it year after year.

Ladyhawk Sailing Boat

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