Life From the Passenger Side...


As I usually do each morning I get my first shot of caffeine along with the news in the paper. And, I am sure you share some of my same feelings as each story unfolds. There's happy. There's sad and some are just informative. But, I never quite know how to approach the Obituaries. If you asked me on the street I might not even own up to the fact that I ever notice the postings.

Often though, most recently, I have been keeping a bit of a grim scoreboard mentality and this morning was no exception. I can't say I have really thought this out but, I have two columns in mind, one "Too Bad" and one "Good". It's "Too Bad" if I come across a much younger or much older male who has died. If I come across a male of almost my same age who has "passed" I score it"Good".

Why, you might say?  GOOD?

Well I figure that about the best information we have on life expectancy has to do with those actuary tables. You know, when you bought your first life insurance policy it was in that big black book your agent took off the shelf as he calculated out your monthly premium. He was looking up for your age how likely you were to die any time soon. With careful statistics they are able to tell things about your age group.  So, the more I see of the demise of my fellow group members, the more likely I will be in it for the long haul. I must admit, today was a good day.
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