Life From the Passenger Side

Super Bowl Sunday

it’s not like I spend any real time thinking about or planning for Super Bowl Sunday. But, I do look forward to it each year. I am old enough to remember when we didn't have such an event. Now that I think about it, there was the feeling at the time that something was lacking. We couldn't quite put our finger on it. 

Oh, we were grateful for all the football Sunday's we got back then but, we never quite finished off the season properly. Moving right into the basketball afterwards certainly has helped. But still there was a lacking feeling. Some how we felt there could be so much more. 

What makes it so great is how it brings together in one place all this football energy. People who otherwise would never know each other are brought together to munch salty snacks, swill beer and stuff down pizza all out of reverence for this athletic sport. 

And while the stadium is packed, living rooms filled to the brim and the roads are empty I can enjoy the event for its true purpose, I can shop completely unimpeded in Henery's Hardware store by that bunch of aisle-clogging weekend warrior nut-strippers

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