How Far We've Come - Restaurant Health Safety

Remember the good-old-days when you visited you favorite restaurant and happened to get a look into the kitchen as you go back to use the "facilities".  There in the kitchen were an army of personnel going at the task of preparing your meal.  But, how about all those hands dipping in to do things like distribute the salad fixings on your plate.  Had they washed up before starting to work?  You simply didn't know.

The sign in the bathroom wasn't too reassuring. It said," Wash your hands, It' the law".  Humm must be some good reason why they felt they needed a sign, but from what I know about human nature, signs like this work best only for those who were going to do it anyway.

Now in the modern restaurant we see only latex gloved kitchen help working on your salad. Hey, that's an improvement.  That's what I found in one of my recent visits to the  Buffet Delight, a somewhat local dining spot we like. Yes, I know these gloves have been a health law for the past few years, I just never gave it much thought.

Now picture yourself as one of the persons working the salad line. A reach of this and a reach of that, no problem, no contact.  These gloves really make the job better. Now I can pick up anything, anytime and nothing gets on me.  Oh, you say its my turn to do the bathroom/s tidy-up, no problem I've got my gloves on.  I'll catch it between the next salad order.

How far we've come.
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