Life From the Passenger Side

Super Bowl Sunday

it’s not like I spend any real time thinking about or planning for Super Bowl Sunday. But, I do look forward to it each year. I am old enough to remember when we didn't have such an event. Now that I think about it, there was the feeling at the time that something was lacking. We couldn't quite put our finger on it. 

Oh, we were grateful for all the football Sunday's we got back then but, we never quite finished off the season properly. Moving right into the basketball afterwards certainly has helped. But still there was a lacking feeling. Some how we felt there could be so much more. 

What makes it so great is how it brings together in one place all this football energy. People who otherwise would never know each other are brought together to munch salty snacks, swill beer and stuff down pizza all out of reverence for this athletic sport. 

And while the stadium is packed, living rooms filled to the brim and the roads are empty I can enjoy the event for its true purpose, I can shop completely unimpeded in Henery's Hardware store by that bunch of aisle-clogging weekend warrior nut-strippers

Life From the Passenger Side

Economic Times

With the current economic situation I have been considering what would be a good investment. In thinking about it I decided an investment in retail would be just right what with the depressed stock prices we have seen recently in that sector. 
With that in mind, I set about to find the very best valued stock I could. I knew I wanted the largest retailer. Of course Wal-Mart and Target come immediately to mind but, I really wanted bigger. 
It seems to have gone quite unnoticed that there is an even a larger Retailer than Wal-Mart or Target  and they it have a very long history. We have seen their outlets all over the place for as long as I can remember. Talk about resilence, even if one of outlets goes out of business another "branch" takes its place rather quickly. Towns of all sizes have one or more of the shops. By now I'm sure you have guessed it, I'm talking about the Art Shop franchise.  Art Shops; handmade Art; Art Sales, Art Shows and even handling big real estate sales, The Art of the Deal are common all over America.
But, in my research I wanted to know more about just who is this "Art" fellow and what's his last name?  If I had his last name I could find his listing on the stock exchange.
I have to report that I've come up empty. What with all the Art this and Art that, no one seems to know his last name or will tell me.  In fact, it seems to have taken on a secretive nature. Every time I ask one of the clerks at any of the shops I get this same dumb stare. 
Even drawing on the power of Google hasn't helped. I get 1,243,653,891 "hits" for Art but, nothing about his last name. And, without a last name I can't find a listing on the NYSE. Maybe instead, I’ll look into the fitness market. Does any one happen to know the last name of this “Jim” guy and why does he always use the German spelling (Gym) for his name?


My Feathered Friends

Knowing the importance of "keeping the troops happy", I dropped by the Food Co-op here in Port Townsend today to see how our employees are doing. Oh, I know they aren’t really my employees, but since we regularly buy 4 dozen eggs (white) I figure we are keeping six hens employed fulltime. 
Actually, I haven’t ever seen our chickens, nor anyone else’s for that matter. Nor have I heard them, which seems a bit strange. Every time I visited the chicken coop at Grand Ma´s farm there was always quite a commotion of feather waving, beak pecking and barnyard two-stepping with plenty of cackling thrown in. 
Nope, none of that at the Co-op. I figure they only have really serious hens who know there’s very little cackling that make up the ingredients in an egg. Plus, it’s pretty cold back in there behind the dairy case door where they must be working. All I’ve ever seen is what you can if you peek between the butter display or when you get the occasional glimpse of a fellow's hand adding to the pick-your-own egg supply. I figure that means there’re a pretty fresh supply. Oh, well. Maybe next time I'll get a lucky glance to know which six chickens are keeping us supplied.

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