Jack Reid has brought together the best musical talent for

Towns Ends Live at the Upstage Restaurant

performed here in Port Townsend, WA.

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Jack kicked off 2010 with Les Izzmoore (Greg Vinson) giving us a great performance of some of our old favorite tunes.

Photo by Mike McAndrew

Joe Breskin
Joe Breskin has been playing guitars since he was a little kid. He studied western art music and enthomusiclogy in college, but what is important is that he ran away to join the circus in 1996 and went to NYC to be a rock star. He doesn't really have a body of work that he performs: he plays best with others, and the first time he ever hears a song may well be the best it ever gets played, cuz that is what it's about. This show will be "Just Joe" and some of his musical friends ... playing playfully.

Steel Madronas
The Steel Madronas Country and Western dance band is home grown in Port Townsend, From "Belt Buckle Polishers" to "boot stompers", it’s impossible to sit it out when they play. The group offers up an eclectic, informal and compelling collection of dance numbers served up with big smiles and genuine fun. For many years the band has welcomed guest performers and seen members come and go but always the joy of making music is front and center. We love to make the rafters ring and hope you will join us whenever you can.

JJ Jenkins Upstage appearance ...
In Her Dreams
Frankie & Johnny

Towns End Live - Vintage Review of the Past 2 Years

Towns End Live has been a regular monthly offering at the Upstage Restaurant for the past many months. Jack Reid Hosts and Gary Nelson, Videographer, has taped the performances.

Scroll down and join us as we re-live the wonderful music of our local performers.

Southbound Curly Headed Boy
Southbound Baton Rouge
Queen Sylvene Blessed Are
Jack Reid It's Texas Cooking for Me
Robert Force "Andy Mackie"
Robert Force "for Jannette"
Watch for more musicians as we finish our web site development... Check out the "Older ...Selection" in the Tunes Assortment Menu for other great offerings.