Nancy Botta brings us the following Local Musical Artists Mike Murray, Leslie Wake and Jake Wiegel .

Mike Murray

Mike Murray of Smoke Creek Traditional Acoustic Music plays banjo, guitar, and sings here in Port Townsend. I guess if comes strung he'll be plucking it. He's also a member of The Smelter Rats, Idyll Hands and Brownsville Road just to show us he's got lots of musical friends that love his company. Mike began his growing up in Eastern Montana pretty much before all those things we now take for granted, electricity, in-door plumbing and probably clean socks. Catch his schedule and album news at .

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Jake Wiegel at the UpStage

Jake Wiegel started playing guitar in 2002 at age 21 and started singing shortly thereafter. Within a year Wiegel had his first performances in Pacific Northwest coffee shops and bars around Port Angeles, Kingston and Edmonds. He provides a solo act and entertains the crowd on a personal level. A couple of years later he started experimenting with a collection of pedals that loop vocals and guitar creating a large sound for just one guy allowing venues in a variety of atmospheres. Colleges, restaurants, bars, and outside venues take the list.

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