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The Towns End Live - Andy Mackie Night (4/29/10)

The DVD version will be available for $10.00 with all proceeds going to the Andy Mackie Music Foundation. All production costs are being donated by Northwest Open Media and Gary Nelson Productions.

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It was a fun evening,
thanks go to Jack Reid, Mark Cole And Andy Mackie for bringing it together...


Andy Mackie

Horse training was his profession and as the years wore on and it was time to settle into retirement Andy chose to spend his time inspiring children in the ways of music. This path didn't come to him at first, he had had several heart traumas and wasn't feeling all that good on the many medicines his doctor had prescribed. He decided he would rather feel good for a while and help a few kids find the enjoyment of music for what time he had left. So, he bought a bunch of harmonica's to give away along with lessons with his Social Security money. That was over 10 years ago.

Andy Mackie Music Foundation
• Dedicated to enriching the lives of children, families and communities through music.
• Provides instruments, lessons, scholarships and the gift of music to thousands of children. • Sponsoring programs in high school shops to build instruments for younger students. • Fostering confidence, harmony, and sense of self through the joyous gift of music.

Try one of his tunes by clicking on a video...

I'll Fly Away
Life is like...

To donate funds please make checks payable to:

Andy Mackie Music Foundation
c/o JCEF
PO Box 967
Chimacum, WA 98325