Reporting on Local New Energy Projects

Eileen Quigley gives us a fresh run-down on current energy projects in our local Peninsula area. Click to view

Reconciling Baseload Power Generation with Renewables

Reconciling Baseload Power Generation with Renewables

Representative Steve Tharinger .. Washington Energy Independence Act

Update ... Representative Steve Tharinger discusses the basic components of the Washington Energy Independence Act  (Initiative 937) and how the terms of the Act impact renewable energy investments in Jefferson County.

Energy Series - Future of Diesel Fuels for Ferries

Mr. Vince Crane, is responsible for diesel fuel conservation at WSF and is part of the project team at WSF that has been investigating the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as an alternative fuel for ferry operations.  click here...

Wind Energy - Fact and Wishful

Ian Woofenden has years of experience in developing wind sites that generate electric power. In this presentation he tells us the facts about what you can expect by making such an installation.  Click to View

Key Speaker, Mr. Graeme Sackrison of TCAT, the Thurston Climate Action Team, who, as a former councilman and mayor of the City of Lacey in Thurston County, has been very publicly working on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and climate action for quite some time. Click here to view video.

Key Speaker, Mr. Terry Meyer of the Cascade Community Wind Project who has personal experience with many wind assessment projects in Whatcom County and has successfully sited and installed the resulting homeowner-financed and locally-built community wind turbines.  Click to View

An amazing lecture on the evolution of the universe was recently presented by Erik Nelson at the Quimper Universalist Unitarian Fellowship. click here to view.

"Fundamental Strengths of Solar Energy for Local Development"

Justin Davis, Design and Development Team Member, Grow Community Project, Bainbridge WA tells us about the exciting local project using solar energy. Click Here

New Energy Luncheon Presentation - Tim Stearns

Tim Stearns of Washington State Energy Policy gives us this interesting review of how Washington State Energy Policy has migrated over the years and current thinking.  Click

New 21st Century Mosquito Fleet

A New 21st Century Mosquito Fleet Puget Sound Ports, presented by Pete DeBoer,  Commissioner of the Port of Kingston. Click Here

Energy Luncheon - Real Time Energy Monitoring - Eric Rehm

Eric Rehm presented (1-17-12) a review of how they were able to install Real Time Electric Usage as a means to gain community support for conservation. click here

BoatYard Boyz Concert 2007

Here's a bit of fun from the 2007 Christmas season by a local group.  (we're using the "looser" definition of Concert)

Choose, "Take Your Pick"  "BoatYard Boyz"

Energy Luncheon - Randy Cornelius General Manager

Randy Cornelius, General Manager, Orcas Power and Light Cooperative - OPALCO spoke to a Port Townsend gathering about managing a power company.  Since PT is in the process of converting to a PUD he was able to provide an insight to the nature of managing such a utility. Click here to view

New Video of Mike McAndrew's new Port Townsend Photo Book

Mike McAndrew has completed an extensive photograph review of who we are here in Port Townsend titled, Mike McAndrew's ... a town for all seasons. Here we have his video review of this work for your pleasure.  Click here

New Poetry From Mary Bradley

Mary brings us some guidelines for naming your dog and other important insights and observations.

Choose from the first three...

Click here...

Festival of Lights Holiday Gift and Cookie Bazaar Sat-Sun, Dec. 2nd and 3rd, 2011

Festival of Lights Benefits the Winter Shelter

The second annual Festival of Lights will brighten holiday shopping on Friday & Saturday,
Dec. 2nd & 3rd from 10 AM to 7 PM at the Masonic Hall, Jefferson at Van Buren, in Port Townsend.  This free-admission, family- friendly gift, craft, and collectibles bazaar also features
a cookie extravaganza of over 2,000 homemade cookies sold by the dozen.

Knee Joint Health

Dr. Greenwald, MD tells us all about Knee Joint Treatment of Arthritis. Click here

What's For Dinner?

How about a really fun dinner to prepare that's very healthy? Click Here

Energy and Conversation

Thought provoking presentations about the status of local energy conservation projects that are presented monthly. Click Here

Artist Interview - Michael Hale

Enjoy this interview of local artist Michael Hale.  Art Corner <<< Click here

Local Energy Projects - Presentation by Angus Duncan President, Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Mr. Duncan presents local countywide projects that can make a difference in our energy usage.  click here

Sam Parker Peace Corps

Added to the Sam Parker Peace Corps article is a video about his snapshots he brought back from his 2 yr tour to Niger.  Click here

Remembrance - Thomas Loehr

Remembrance of Thomas Loehr and how he and Joanna found wonder in their living here in Port Townsend.  Click here

A conversation with award winning actress, Melissa Leo, at the 2007 Port Townsend Film Festival.

Oscar Territory

 Catch the 2007 Port Townsend Film Festival  interview with Melissa Leo. Click Here

Peak Oil Presentation - Jim Hansen

Jim Hansen provides us with important information regarding our unsustainable consumption of oil. Click Here to view  videos.

Clise Conversations - Barbara Bogart

Port Townsend Journal -  Interesting People

John Cise brings us a new and very interesting conversation with local personality, Barbara Bogart. click here

Workshop Announcement

Literary Corner  - Sheila Bender

Workshop announcement -  Write It Real   Port Townsend, WA  April 22 - 28, 2011  click here

 Has a new book and  will be giving a workshop for creative writing January 22nd, 2011 click here

Donn Trethewey Interview by John Clise

Don't miss this hilarious Donn Trethewey interview about one of our more interesting community members. click here.

Domestic Violence- Support in Jefferson County

These Domestic Violence programs were created for local broadcast and are published here by special request. Click Here

Kinetic Race 2010

Once again we get to see some of the wonders of engineering. Click Here.

Peace Corps Volunteer 1965

Sam Parker tells us about his experiences of being a Peace Corps Volunteer in the '60s.  Click Here

Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival 2010

A great picture Tour of the Wooden Boat Festival - 2010.

To Your Health

This new category brings you interesting health information. We begin with a series of Dr. Rienstra's Doctor Talk videos originally produced several years ago for local TV that are still relevant today. Watch for other added segments of interest in the future.

Towns End Live - July 2010- Sea Shanty Singing

Come hear Steve Lewis lead  the Sea Shanty Singing and tell us some of the history of being a sailing man.

Following that is a look at the recently Sea Shanty Sing Circle that Steve hosted at the Maritime Center

Rhody Parade 2010

Join Mike McAndrew as he takes us to the Rhody Parade 2010 thru his Magical lens.

Towns End Live June 2010 Terry Evans at the Upstage

Click here to see the action from the June program.

New Mary Bradley Poem - Dream Swimmer

How best to enjoy your Summer Fun? Check out Dream Swimmer Click here

Bergstrom's Antique Auto

Car Hobby nuts go wild here in Bergrstrom's Antique Auto Store.  Great for that auto restoration you're doing in the garage.    Located in Arts and Crafts. <<--- Click Here

Kevin Van de Wege - Legislative Budget Review 2010

Kevin speaks before the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce about budget issues facing the Washington State legislative body this year.Click Here

Mary McQuillen - Native American Oral Histories

Mary speaks with Jim Fritz about Native American Oral Histories. click Here (archive)

John Clise - How to Start a Business

John Clise Shares with us information about how to start a business.  Click Here (archive)

Carl Nomura talks about his new executive management book

Added new Page  Interesting People  join us for an interview with Carl Nomura as he discusses his new book Business Success with Less Stress.   <<---  click here

Towns End Live -- Andy Mackie's Kids

Host Jack Reid brought us the Andy Mackie's Kid program for this month's Towns End Live. Click here --->> to view. Port Townsend Journal

Towns End Live -- May 2010 Brett Pemberton -- Water Street Trolley

Join us for another Towns End Live hosted by Jack Reid. This month its Brett Pemberton  and Water Street Trolly.  Click here.

Towns End Live -- Chuck Easton

Join us for some great music from Chuck Easton and Friends. Click here.

Mary Bradley Shares a Computer Saga

Mary Bradley brings us the drama of a recent struggle to e-mail when dealing with a rogue computer. Go to  "The Power of "V" on Mary's page in the Literary Corner.
Click Here

Kinetic Race - Port Townsend 2009

Mike takes us to the Kinetic Race 2009 to show us some real engineering of our ride.  Click here to view.