Port Townsend School of Woodworking

One of the real pleasures of living in the Port Townsend community is to be able to take in the rich experience of learning something from someone who has a real talent. With Port Townsend being so closely akin to the wooden boat building community it is not surprising that we have a top-notch wood working school. The school is housed in one of the historic buildings on the Fort Worden Campus making a trip up to see them an interesting outing.

I know in my case I became a fan of one of the instructors several years ago when I picked up one of my favorite books on wood working which was written by Jim Tolpin. I didn't even know he was a local guy, I just liked the book. Yep, he is local and he teaches at the Woodworking School. I then discovered that Jim has published quite a few books on the subject, most if not all, I have now added to my personal library.

Recently, the school had a packed open house and I was able to attend. Here are a few snaps from my visit.

Visit their web site at (360-344-4455) for class schedules and further information.